Affordable Short Term Accommodation In Brisbane

AFFORDABLE short term accommodation in Brisbane is changing. Changing slowly, but changing nonetheless. Previously you only had one option – a hotel/motel. Now anyone that has been to stay in another city for 3 nights or more knows that the hotel/motel experience gets very old very quickly. Basically you are in a box with a TV in front of you and a small bathroom in the corner.

And there you stay.

So you have minimal capacity to do anything else other than sleep, watch TV or read a book.

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Hope House short term accommodation

The fundamental offering of a short stay accommodation is that it is basically a home away from home. It is a place where you can spread out a bit and be in an environment which is as close to that of your home as possible. Importantly you have the option of preparing your own meals. And by that I mean breakfast, lunch and cooking up a basic pasta dish. All the kitchen utensils are provided, so you are able to cut up and serve that cooked chicken alongside an Italian salad for dinner and then put the other half in the normal sized fridge and make up your chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches for the following day.

Try doing that in a hotel room – not easy!!

The other key advantage is that you and your partner are not sitting on the bed for that 7 night stay for your cousin’s wedding!! There is another room to go to. And for the family of five, you do not have to put the 3 children in an adjoining motel room where you need to exit your room into the hallway before you can check up on the children. Not to mention the cost of 2 motel rooms, where for the price virtually of one hotel room, you can have a whole 3-bedroom house to yourself!! How good is that?

So next time you are going interstate, why not try a short-stay home? Our Stay Away provides a range of properties in Brisbane to suit your needs…

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