The conundrum of being between houses

item-3One of the big issues faced by homeowners at the time of the sale of their property and the purchase of their new property, is that the settlement dates do not always coincide. Or, as is commonly the case, they are scheduled to coincide but bureaucratic snarl ups mean that in actual fact, they do not coincide. What are you to do? Where are you going to go?

Most of the time, the period of temporary accommodation required is around 30 days. The problem with this length of time is that it is way too short to take a lease (with the associated hassles of furnishing a place), but it is way too long to say in a motel or hotel. Particularly if you have a family of say two adults and three children, which would mean having two adjoining motel rooms where you would need to go via the corridor to go and check on your children.

And how are you going to eat?

Eating out is fun for the first three nights, but after that it becomes a major hassle. So a hotel or motel is not a great solution, not to mention expensive! And staying with friends or family with your three children for a month? How to strain a friendship in three easy lessons!

So what are the alternatives?

Here at OurStayAway we have recently had a swathe of such bookings and assisted a host of families that has found them in that very situation. What we aim to do is to provide affordable family accommodation: that is, a home-away-from-home at a price that is not going to cripple you financially. Essentially we provide a fully-furnished, comfortable home just like your nans, but without her asking you every 10 minutes if everything is OK!!

Complete with all bedding and linen, towels etc. all you have to do is move in with your suitcase and toothbrush. And then you pop down to the local Woolies to grab your supplies and then home to cook up your favourite pasta in your full kitchen, with a full sized fridge so that you are not trying to squash almost nothing into that motel bar fridge!


And all within 5 km of the Brisbane city centre with public transport a stone’s throw away for parents needing to commute.

Visit us at our home page to check out an affordable option.

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